What is the process used?

In a preparatory meeting we will review your career, education and training to date and discuss and agree your objectives for career counselling.
Generally the process covers the following three stages.

Stage 1 – Who am I?

This stage covers the process of evaluating yourself.  This will help you:

Identify who you are.
What motivates you?
What are your work interests.
What are your skills and strengths.
What kind of working environment you prefer.
This is achieved through discussion and completion of self-analysis exercises.

Stage 2 – What do I want?

This stage clarifies some ideas about what you want from the future. We will also review some of the opportunities or obstacles that may affect you achieving them.

It will include:

Counselling to define individual’s goals.
Highlighting positive or negative factors that may affect success.

Stage 3 – How do I achieve this?

During this stage we focus on what you need to do to achieve what you want. This stage may involve some of the following activities:

Development of a practical action plan to improve personal skills and to pursue defined goals.
Research or information gathering.
Coaching on the preparation of an effective C.V.
One or more job interviews with CCTV and constructive feedback on interview performance.

How much time will the career coaching & counselling take?

Typically, we will work together for between 3 and 10 hours, in sessions of either 1 or 2 hours. The time needed will be agreed in our preparatory meeting as you may wish to have more or less sessions. It may be that a single consultation of 2 hours is sufficient for you to explore a particular career issue.

Contact us to discuss how we may help move your career forward.